My Wife and I bought our house almost a year a ago knowing that we will need to replace our 25 year old HVAC system soon. We had six contractors come to our house and some quotes were low some were high(er) some could start right away and others had to be scheduled. It was very interesting and a learning experience to me that one contractor would have one idea and the other would have a different idea. After listening to all of them I began to hear a few items over and over again which I keyed in on. My Wife and I knowing that this may be our last house wanting a system that will be very comfortable in our five levels of living space basement, downstairs, main level, upstairs, and second floor. The original system had two air returns and I wanted it redirected in to one main so that I didn’t have to buy or maintain two air filter systems. We also wanted something extremely efficient to help save money in the long run. After visiting with all six contractors we decided to go with JL Anderson Heating and Cooling. We picked JL Anderson Heating and Cooling because not only are they highly recommended and experienced is because they are professional, on-time, polite, constant communication, above and beyond. Our consultant (not salesman) I say this because Joe Kollman advised and quoted us a lesser system that would have worked fine but I wanted something great Joe Kollman and JL Anderson Heating and Cooling delivered. Joe brought which I believe was their Senior installer on site to evaluate my house and the future system to be installed. Both were very professional as I asked even more questions about the zoning and if the existing duct work that was installed when the house was built in 1980 would be able to handle what was to come. Duct work was measured and flow study was completed even considering the direction of the Sun rise and Sun set for my zoning. It was estimated it would take three days to complete the install including removal of my old system. Each day they started between 8:30 AM and 9:00 AM after the second day I was wondering if they were going to make the deadline and on the third and final day they brought another tech. onsite making three total to complete the job. I must say that all three were very professional and polite their workmanship shows that they do care about what they do and I watched them complete a work of art. Detailing in the path of the wires they took, the plumbing and their routes, to the bends in the duct work. They even made the screen of my ComfortLink II XL1050 match my wall color! They were able to pull off the job in the time estimated and turning the system in to one air return like I requested. They were also able to free up an air return restriction that was done when the original system was put in. During the install Joe Kollman stopped by to make sure everything was going as it should and to see if we had any questions, comments, or concerns. Which there were no concerns just a lot of praise for the quality of work we were receiving. We scheduled our one week follow-up and Joe Kollman gave us a tour of the system and answered our questions we had we also got our smart devices on-line so we can keep an eye on the system when we are away. Did I mention this system learns, remembers, and predicts? Joe even brought over the paper work for energy rebates filled out that we just needed to sign that he would take care of! Our air condition XV20i is 55 db it is so quite you have to see the fan moving to know that it’s running it’s amazing!!! What is also amazing that going from one level to another and the temperature and humidity is all the same!!! We can even adjust the set points to either heat at a specific temperature or to cool at another (not at the same time for different zones) I still get a kick out of seeing and watching which zone is either closed, at 10% open or 60% open or wide open. Our furnace is also very quite with it’s variable speed. We wanted to see what would happen at wide open and we could hear and feel air movement throughout our home it was very impressive. Before we heard the old system running but we could never actually feel or hear air movement. JL Anderson Heating and Cooling – THANK YOU! We highly recommend you and have done so already! Please note that JL Anderson Heating and Cooling were not the cheapest nor were they the most expensive. I highly recommend doing your research and asking a lot of questions and taking notes and comparing those notes.
-Jacob Heriges