My wife and I recently purchased our first home and one of the main downfalls to the new property was a need for a furnace and AC replacement. We were well aware of the expense expected from such an endeavor but ultimately loved the house and I started scouring through Angie’s List looking for installers in the area. If you are reading this then you are already well aware that JL Anderson is the stand out among the installers listed here and I’m happy to share that they absolutely live up to that reputation.
My first scheduled appointment was with Joe Kollman for the initial bid. He arrived right on time and was very professional throughout the entire process. He walked me through various dos and don’ts regarding my old system and made sure we were both on the same page at all times. Our schedule was pretty chaotic with not having moved in yet and Joe assured me that whenever and whatever our decision entailed they would be on board with it. We discussed the all important money aspect and he already had pricing available for me on the spot as well as various financing options available. Pricing was guaranteed and in writing before he left out the front door. All in all about an hour visit and he made quite the impression as it was a no brainer for my wife and I to proceed forward. I sent an email out the next day confirming which package I was interested in along with my schedule. Joe was back in touch promptly with an install appointment for three days later! The install went off without a hitch. Joe showed up on time with the install crew which was impressive in itself given the fog that morning. He introduced us, gave me a timeline for the work (1 1/2 days) and made sure everyone was on the same page regarding coming and going from the property. I provided them with a garage door opener, offered them refreshments if they needed and then left for the day. I returned the next morning to find them already there working and the new system virtually finished with only clean up mostly left. By the time we arrived back after lunch they were gone and the work area looked better than it did before they got there. They even programmed and tidied up my water softener which wasn’t even on their list of things to do, impressive! Very clean, custom install and this coming from someone in a similar line of work but on an industrial scale. I honestly could not have done a better job myself, perhaps even as well. Today was my last visit with Joe. He made sure we were ok with all of the work, walked through all of the system features and brought over all of the corresponding information. Rebate and warranty information was already pre-printed and ready to go and only after all of this had been squared away was payment discussed. To Joe, the install team and everyone else involved at JL Anderson, be proud of what you do! First class organization from start to finish and I honestly have no doubt I made the right choice. If you’re out there reading this and perhaps sitting on the fence facing a big decision like this, fret no more and rest assured you’re in good hands with JL Anderson!
-Brian Silva