Contacted Anderson to see if they could help with resolving a significant leak failure in the Mitsubishi Mr. Slim outside condenser unit that another local company, Bowsher Heating and Cooling, had installed in 2012 in my barn.  After the Mitsubishi Representative reviewed the installation by Bowsher, they determined the significant leaks were caused by improper installation and not per manufacturer’s requirements and Mechanical code.  I gave Bowsher the opportunity to help resolve the problem, but they chose to be totally unprofessional in not correcting their error.

Joe from Anderson, quickly came to see the unit to understand the problem. He was very professional and knowledgeable of the Mitsubishi system. He quickly presented me with several cost options for repair. While pursuing to get repair parts, JD from Anderson was persistent in gathering critical information concerning my unit which ultimately led me to decide to replace the entire outside unit. During this process I had received 2 different quotes from Anderson for replacing the outside unit. When I asked about the different quote costs, Anderson readily said they would honor the lower quote. That is one honest company as all they would have had to do was explain why the later quote was higher and I would have paid it, but they didn’t. What a breath of fresh air to work with an honest and high integrity company as Anderson. The very next day after deciding to replace the complete outside unit, Cody and Kirt from Anderson came with the new unit and installed it  and had it operating in a couple hours! They were both very professional and took the time to show me how the unit was installed so I wouldn’t experience again the significant leak failures.

I have been in engineering and project management for over 30 years and found all the Anderson personnel to be very professional and extremely knowledgeable for the systems they are installing. As a result of Anderson’s honesty, professional customer service and being extremely knowledgeable of the systems they install and repair, I have decided to use them to completely replace my old home furnace/AC/humidifier system. I believe in doing repeat business with reputable and honest companies like Anderson has demonstrated to be.
-Robert Fallon