I was having regular (and expensive) maintenance issues with my home’s two geothermal heating and cooling systems. The expenses were so high I knew that the systems needed to be replaced with something new. The frustrating part was that the units were not that old – I had them install about 9 years ago. I contacted ARS initially, since they were the company that installed them. They told me there was nothing they can do about the poor reliability and were too quick to sell me new geo units. I then contacted JL Anderson because they also install geothermal systems. Their attitude was totally different. They wanted to understand why the current units failed so often. They arranged for another company to come out and perform a water analysis. They found the water was too hard and may be the cause. Anderson also questioned the water usage from our lawn sprinkler. Anderson also determined that our peak water usage was too high to support the geo system. This was starving the geo system of water and causing damage. Anderson recommended switching to natural gas and shared with me the pros and cons of geothermal vs. gas. The next issue was that my house was not connected to a gas line. Anderson worked with Vectren to see if a gas line could be brought to the house. Anderson installed two units. I now have gas heat and electric cooling. So far, a vast improvement in comfort compared to the old system. Sales engineer Joe at JL Anderson exceeded my expectations and provided me with exceptional customer service.
-Bruce Cooper