My previous AC had stopped cooling and a different company had mentioned the R22 was low, prompting a refill. A week later the AC wasn’t working again, so I called JL Anderson based on Angieslist reviews. 
They evaluated the unit and found a high side R22 leak within a few minutes. They sent out a person to quote a new system later that day at my request. Joe went over the options in detail along with some financing plans that were available. Since it was nearly 100 the week that the AC was down, he offered to install a temporary AC unit to cover us while the new one was being ordered.
I evaluated the info for a couple days and asked follow up questions, all of which Joe was able to answer in full technical detail. He ran the load calculations on the house which narrowed down things to two options and he gave me the pros/cons of each system. He also laid out which options qualified for different utility and federal rebates. 
I ended up going with a Trane XV95 furnace with XL16i AC plus humidifier unit installed for $9175 installed with a 60 mo. 0% financing offer. When I agreed to the sale he had the replacement unit trucked over and installed within 2 hours. That is GREAT response time. 
1.5 weeks later the install began. This took approx. 2 days during which time they ripped out the old units, tore out the old concrete pad, flushed the lines, installed a new pad. They then installed the AC first to get that running to minimize discomfort. The system install was completed the next day including running a new dedicated intake/exhaust line, new high end thermostat. The install was clean and professional and the installers were careful to not let the cats out. They also left the copper scrap at my request. 
The system works great, and about a week later Joe came back to settle up the paperwork. The invoice was identical to the quote down the the last penny. Also, the utility rebate paperwork was pre-completed and only needed a signature. The units were also registered for me ahead of time for warranty purposes. Joe then went over the system install as a final walkthrough and identified some features of the new thermostat.
Overall I am very happy with the install and they have lived up to their Angie’s List reputation.
-Richard Hosler