Our home is about 18 years old and I had to replace the A/C condenser fan the first week we moved in (two summers ago). I also noticed that the previous owner had the same fan replaced several years back. When the furnace blower motor started to make funny sounds, I decided it was time to replace it.

I started by asking local companies for quotations for a geothermal heating system. We are on a large lot, and a horizontal loop system would fit nicely. Of all the companies I spoke with, only Joe from JL Anderson advised me to stay with a natural gas furnace. Others recommended geo or some form of heat pump with electric backup heat.  After doing more research on the web, I learned that Joe was correct. Geo only seems to make sense for those in my area that are on electric heat. I also learned that switching to resistive backup heat would have complicated my whole-hose generator installation.

Before the work was started, the installation crew came to the house to verify the installation could be completed as promised.  This included the furnace orientation, the ability to zone the existing ductwork, thermostat placement on the second floor, etc.

The work started when promised, and completed on time (4.5 days total).  The installers were extremely professional, punctual and kept us informed throughout the project. They left the worksite cleaner than when they started. They even worked with me to determine the best way to connect the A/C condenser to the load-shedding contacts on my whole-house generator transfer switch.

The system has been running perfectly for two weeks now. We are extremely pleased. It’s a bit weird not being able to tell that the heat is on due to the variable speed blower and modulating burner. The features and flexibility of the 950 thermostat are very nice. We can even control it through our iPads and iPhones when we are away from home.

Selecting a new contactor is always risky. I’ve had good luck and bad luck in the past.  At this point, I only hope for a decent job. JL Anderson went above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend that you consider them if you are in the Lafayette area.
-Joe Hamman