Replaced 18yr old furnace and A/C unit

New Equipment

-XV95 gas furnace
-Trane XL18i a/c unit
-Trane XL850 WiFi thermostat
-Honeywell 4′ whole house air filter
-Whole house humidifier

Additional Service
-flushed tank-less water heater

Joe Kollman came to the house and explained the various components and advantages for each that pertained to my situation. He went through the costs, options and Trane financing. I did not purchase the new system at this time. I never felt pressured to purchase or hurry my decision. After several emails I decided what I needed and set up a time that was convenient.

Joe arrived the morning of the installation and introduced Kirt and his apprentice Brent who did the demolition of the old furnace and installation of the new unit. Both were very professional and paid good attention to detail. Kirt was especially meticulous and answered all my questions. During the installation they found a major problem that was not visible until the system was removed. The old duct-work has rusted out under the down-flow furnace. It was filled with a least 6′ of dirt and rock from under the concrete. Normally they would have had the furnace running by the end of the day but the rock removal and fabrication of new duct work moved that to the next day. Since it was in the low 30’s that night, Kirt made sure that all the connections to gas fireplace were reconnected so I had a heat source. The next day they finished the furnace and the a/c. They did a really nice job of running my vent and air return through the roof. The a/c unit had to be slightly relocated due to it’s larger size. The electrical and piping look very good and the patch to the siding from the old a/c unit was nicely done. All the areas looked cleaner than when they started.

When Joe came back after the installation he went through any setup and did an explanation of the components of the new system. He would have explained the setup of the thermostat but I had already programmed it. At this point we went through the financing. We were able to pay for part of it with a credit card and the rest was financed through Wells Fargo on their 60 month no-interest promo. Joe had already registered the new unit with Trane and finalized all the information about the Vectren/Duke rebates. He also mailed these forms in. He provided the Trane registration information.
-David M.