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JL Anderson Heating & Cooling is the leading HVAC company in Lafayette, IN, for your furnace service needs. We service and repair all makes and models. If you need furnace service, we are the company to call. Our skilled technicians are qualified to solve just about any repair or installation that you throw at us.

Furnace Repair

Don’t get left in the cold! Is your furnace acting up, blowing cold air, or making too much noise? Our experienced team of professionals is here to keep your home warm and cozy. We repair all makes and models, and we will never try to sell you a service that you don’t need. Our technicians are honest and hard working, and we’re always transparent and fair about the work we do.

Furnace Replacement

Sometimes a repair is not sufficient to fix your furnace. Sometimes a new furnace is the most cost-effective and energy-efficient way to go. We will always be honest with you about a possible furnace replacement. We value our time and your money––we don’t want to perform repairs or service on an appliance that is in need of replacement.

If you do need a furnace replacement, we know how overwhelming it can be. Here are some of the frequently asked questions about furnaces that we get from some of our Lafayette, IN residents:

What Are The Different Types Of Furnaces?

Single Stage: A single-stage furnace has only one stage of operation. It can either be turned on or turned off.

Two Stage: A two-stage furnace has two settings––full and half speed. This is a more efficient way to heat and provides for better comfort, because it can move the air at a slower pace.

Variable Stage or Modulating: A variable-stage or modulating furnace modulates the speed and heat output based on the temperature outside and the desired comfort level. This furnace only works as much as you need it, making this type the most energy-efficient type of furnace.

What Is AFUE?

AFUE, or Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency, is a measure of furnace-heating efficiency. The higher the AFUE, the more efficient the furnace.

What Size Furnace Do I Need?

We can calculate the correct size furnace for your home. The number of BTUs, or British Thermal Units, needed to heat your home is dependent on a number of variables. Contrary to what you might think, a bigger furnace may not necessarily mean more heating power for your home. Call us at JL Anderson Heating & Cooling, and we can set up an appointment to calculate the furnace size you might need.

Need Furnace Service?

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Gas Furnace Repair in West Lafayette, IN 47906

“Great attention to detai!”– Philip V.

Gas Furnace Installation in West Lafayette, IN 47906

“Had a new furnace/AC unit installed. Everything went great. Very professional, efficient and great workmanship. Would definitely recommend them for all your hvac work.”

– Pat M.

Furnace Maintenance in Lafayette, IN

“We had Richard Davenport perform our yearly maintenance on our furnace. He was polite, professional, reassuring, accommodating, and very efficient. Upon inspection and performing his maintenance, he noticed our furnace had a very slow water leak that could have eventually damaged our heatet. He ordered the part and was able to come the next day and fix our unit (VERY quickly, I might add). He was obviously very good at his job. Very happy with their service, as well as the customer service lady who helped set up our appointment. She was EXTREMELY nice and helped us find the perfect time in our schedule to perform the maintenance, as well as the repair job the following day.”

– Chad D.

AC and Furnace Installation in Lafayette, IN 47909

“I had a great experience with JL Anderson Heating and Cooling. They recently installed a new Trane furnance and A/C system. Kirt was very customer oriented and answered all my questions. He listened to my concerns and explained everything The installers arrived on time. They respected my property, were very professional in their work, and very courteous. I highly recommend J L Anderson and the entire staff.”

– Mike N.

Furnace Service in Lafayette, IN 47909

“Mike Cox was here this week to service our furnace. We were so pleased with the visit. J.L. Anderson has never let us down and true to form sent a professional and qualified technician to check our furnace out. We are amazed at how consistently J.L. Anderson sends top notch people to perform top notch service. We are truly satisfied customers. Thanks, J.L. Anderson and Mike Cox.”

– Carol M.

Professional Installation in Frankfort, IN

“We found ourselves in need of a new furnace and air conditioner. My husband and I knew we wanted the best and that is exactly what we received with JL Anderson heating & cooling. From deciding which unit to buy until it was completed this company made sure all of our questions had been addressed to our satisfaction. They made sure that our old air conditioner kept us cool on the hot summer days until the new one could be installed. The installation was efficiently and professionally done. They took extra care to cover the carpet and clean up any mess when completed. We love the new Trane unit and look forward to many years of worry free usage. JL Anderson will be the only heating & air conditioning company this family will use and I will and have recommended them to my friends.”

– Marsha M.

Furnace and AC Installation in Frankfort, IN

“So we were in need of a new furnace and ac unit. We had JL Anderson come out, they were very professional and explained the difference between the units. Once we made a decision they were here in a couple of weeks to install the unit. They were very prompt, professional and courteous. They did a great job installing the units and made sure to answer all our question. There is not a doubt that if we need any service this is the company that will get the call. Thanks again Kirt and the rest of the gang.”

– Emily H.

Furnace Maintenance in Lafayette, IN 47909

“I had a very, very old furnace and A.C unit; it was from the 1970’s. I have had a local company come out and “tune up” both units numerous times with a price of approximately $300.00 each time for the past 4 years. It just so happened this past June, our furnace officially broke. As a result, I called our “usual company” that had been servicing the units for years. That company didn’t show me in person what was wrong with the furnace; they just showed me a picture. I decided it would be best to replace the unit at this point, however their financing options were horrible. The temperature outside was around 98 and very humid, like all Indiana summers are, so I called JL Anderson and spoke with Kurt. He was at our house within the hour to inspect the furnace. Kurt confirmed the unit needed to be replaced. He explained the financing options; they were reasonable, affordable, and easy. Everyone at JL Anderson Heating & Cooling was wonderful! Since I didn’t have any A.C, Kurt and the ladies in the office attempted to ensure my family was comfortable by offering fans and window units until the new unit could be installed. Although we had to wait 2 weeks for the new unit to come in, JL Anderson Heating & Cooling worked quickly and kept us informed of any changes. When the furnace arrived, Kurt and the other workers were very polite, clean, and professional. They even replaced some of the attic vents that were ripped! That night I noticed that the air wasn’t getting colder in my house. Though it didn’t have anything to do with the furnace, I called JL Anderson first thing the next morning. They quickly sent Jacob out that afternoon. Jacob noticed right away that something was not right. He checked the line, the pressure, assessed it, and continued to be baffled by what it could be. Jacob didn’t rush though; he didn’t want to leave until the problem was taken care of. It was late, I am sure he was suppose to be off work, but he remained professional and polite the whole time. Eventually, he took the A.C. unit cover off and immediately realized what the problem was. The original company (who had replaced the motor and fan, as well as come out multiple times to service the unit) put the motor and fan in backwards 4 years ago! Therefore, for the past 4 years I have been spending a lot of money trying to keep my house cool, though unsuccessfully, due to a huge installation error made by that company! Needless to say, I was more than a little angry to discover I had been repeatedly paying to fix their mistake! However, I was also extremely happy that I finally had a working A.C. unit in my house after all these years! I was ready to write a check for whatever they asked, but Jacob looked at me and said, “Don’t worry about it.” What company does that? JL Anderson Heating & Cooling actually values their customers so much they waived some fees for me since I had just hired them for a furnace replacement, but was still having issues with my other unit! I will never, EVER go anywhere else again. JL Anderson Heating & Cooling is the best!”

– Mathew S.

Furnace Repair and Installation in Lafayette, IN

“We called Anderson when the furnace seemed to be quitting in our (new to us) house in December. The technician who came out was very friendly, did some work to get it working and said to call if it gave us any more troubles. Unfortunately the loose wires he found that day weren’t our only problem, and he had to come back. When he did, he brought a more experienced tech in case there was something he was unsure about and they found our heat exchanger was cracked and we needed a new furnace. They were great about leaving us with multiple space heaters to get us through the weekend until we could meet the salesperson. The sales guy was great with us, took the time to tell us about the company, took a look at our house and made recommendations about what would be sufficient, what would be better, and what would be unnecessarily too much. The install crew was very nice and efficient, even came back a second time to move our thermostat to a better location. Our insurance is covering some of the cost for us and the office has been so accommodating to all the paperwork we’ve needed for that as well. Would definitely recommend to friends.”

– Amanda L.

Experienced Furnace Installation in Delphi, IN

“Three years in our home and the first good cold snap, and our nearly 20 year old furnace crapped out. We called JL Anderson Heating & Cooling. They came right away and confirmed the bad news. Just a bit later the same day, Salesman JOE, from Anderson, was at our home with all options and information that we needed to make our decision on the best products to replace our non functioning ones. Joe informed us of rebates available from our gas and electric companies. The decision was made very painless for us with Joe’s experienced help. Due to the high volume of their work load, it was going to be a few days before the crew could get back for our installation, so Joe stopped back by our home and dropped 2 space heaters for us to use while we waited for our install. Installation day arrived and the crew from Anderson arrived with our new hvac system. The 2 young men were very polite and courteous. They put down floor covering from the door, down the stairs to the basement, and across the newly carpeted floor to the furnace area. All tear out and install work was done quickly and efficiently. Not a mark on new carpet or newly painted walls. Thank You JL Anderson and Crew! Great Job!!”

– Karen E.

JL Anderson Heating & Cooling proudly provides HVAC service to Lafayette, Delphi, West Lafayette, Dayton, Battle Ground, Frankfort, Monticello, Mulberry, Rossville, and the surrounding communities. Visit our service area page for more coverage details, call us at 765-471-7506, or request service online today.

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