From the very first meeting, to the last day of installation; we have been beyond impressed by the professionalism, courtesy and attentiveness, that was given to our situation. Our air conditioner finally quit after 30+ years (in the blazing heat of an Indiana July nonetheless), so we called Anderson about setting up a meeting ASAP; to discuss prices, products and timelines. Retro-Installation Foreman; Kirt; met us at our home and stayed for 3+ hours, discussing, in great detail, the different types of systems, payment plans, and dates of completion. He politely answered our endless stream of questions and carefully provided all of the details up front; with no red tape or hassle. We were immediately impressed by the lengths that Anderson goes to; in order to help make this a smooth process. Along with Kirt’s vast knowledge and friendly demeanor; the competitive quotes we were given, and the personal attention we were promised; made our decision easy. Anderson was the number one choice for us. Since we were fast approaching the 4th of July weekend; with a big party planned at our house; Kirt offered to bring an extra air conditioning unit from their shop, to our home, until our new system arrived. That was such a blessing! The Service Tech; Jared; who brought it out and installed it, was just as friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. He even wore shoe covers while walking thru our home; which is such a polite gesture of common courtesy, that very few companies think to do. Jared efficiently and easily got the borrowed unit up and running; and even offered to return for free, if anything were to happen over the duration of us using it. There were absolutely no problems with the borrowed unit; but given the high level of attention up to that point; I’m certain we would’ve been well taken care of, had there been. Over the following week or so, Kirt remained in contact with us via email to keep the process going smoothly and offer answers to any questions we might have had come up. The day before our installation, he emailed once again to confirm the process and their arrival time of 8:30 am. The next day; as stated; Kirt and (fellow Installer) Brent arrived on time and immediately got started working. They worked tirelessly in 90+ degree heat; never once breaking in professionalism. They kept their work area extremely neat and clean, making sure to be careful of everything in and around our home. When the work day ended at 5 pm, they both were quite thorough in explaining what they had accomplished thus far and what was to be expected for the next day. Upon their arrival the following morning at 8:30 am, they began work immediately with continued professionalism and courtesy, as they finished the installation. Shortly after completion at 2 pm, they began to walk me thru the whole system; patiently and articulately explaining how each part of the system operates and what we could expect from it. The thermostat was Wi-Fi enabled and they carefully walked me through that process every step of the way, making sure it was working properly inside our home and on my phone. Kirt and Brent also walked me through the process of a PM (Preventative Maintenance) Agreement; telling me what I could expect from that and when it would be needed. We decided to sign up for this service because they are so thorough and knowledgeable, we knew we could trust Anderson employees to ensure the proper working abilities of our equipment each season. (Side note: It makes sense to utilize this service; whether you have new equipment OR highly ‘seasoned’ ones!) Once this was all completed, Kirt took our Vectren account number to give to the office; since THEY would be filling out all of the necessary paperwork for our refunds and rebates. All we had to do was sign the papers and then wait for the check to be mailed directly to us! From start to finish, we never once doubted the ability of the company, its employees or their equipment. We were never ‘left in the dark’ about anything, nor did we ever feel pushed aside when asking countless questions. This was a HUGE investment for our family; and not something to be taken lightly. Which is why we are so thankful that every single person we interacted with from Anderson, appreciated that and made sure we felt comfortable and confident in our choices. BRAVO Anderson, you’ve got yet another customer for life, and we’re more than happy to offer a well-deserved, glowing review!
-Carmine Puetz