Joe was able to listen to the problems we have heating and cooling our house and recommend a system that is astoundingly more efficient than what was original to our 90’s home. They got the job done right before Christmas as promised and offered to bring loads of space heaters to keep us warm during install. Joe was our initial contact that sold us the system and on the first morning of install he came back to introduce me to the guys that would be working at the house. I had no idea the guys had to do some extra work to dig the sinking A/C base out of our landscaping, they had all the rocks back in place and it looked undisturbed. My husband is an electrician and he was happy when he got home and checked their electrical and pipe work. They even left my utility closet cleaner than they found it. After install they came back and reviewed the new thermostat to make sure we were getting along with it. The touchscreen was never very responsive for us so after a few weeks I requested a new one and they switched it out with no hassles, works great now! Since everything was installed in the winter, they came back at the beginning of the air conditioning season to make sure it was ready to run. They made the process of getting our rebates from the gas and electric companies super easy and kept following up with us to make sure it was done after one company had a delay. Finally we don’t have $400 Vectren bills in February, our furnace can actually keep the house at the temp we set, and my brother-in-law doesn’t feel like he’s roasting when he visits in the summer.
-Brittany Price