After doing a immense amount of research trying to figure out which HVAC company to install our new HVAC system we picked J.L. Anderson Heating Cooling and couldn’t be more happier with the end result. They are simply the best at what they do and it shows. After our 9 year old Bryant air conditioner started to blow hot air 2 weeks ago I knew it was time to replace it. We’ve been having problems with our Bryant a/c and furnace for the last 3 years and I didn’t want to invest more money into it. We decided it was time to install a new system. I began to research and call local plus surrounding HVAC companies for general questions and quotes on getting a new system installed. After I spoke with a few places including J.L Anderson Heating Cooling I went back to look at reviews and see which company was the best for us. I knew right away that J.L Anderson Heating Cooling was going to be the one for us. I called them back the next day and scheduled an appointment for a on site quote. Joe came out the following day and gave us a quote on multiple systems suited for our home and our needs. He was very knowledgable, professional, and honest with what was best for our home and gave us recommendations on which system he would suggest. After we talked it over we went with the Trane XV95 furnace & the XR16 AC system. Joe asked us if we were interested in a portable AC unit while our new system was going to be installed and with the weather in the upper 80’s we couldn’t pass the offer. The next day Joe came out with two portable AC units and set them up to use for the whole weekend till they were available to install our new system on Tuesday. Tuesday morning came along and Joe came by with Scott Colin who were going to install our new system. They started to work right away and installed the AC system on the first day. The next day they came and finished up with the furnace. The installation looks awesome and the overall process couldn’t have been any smoother. Joe came by the day after the installation was complete to make sure we were satisfied and to check the installation. He also went over the new thermostat, warranties, and rebate which was all filled out. I’d like to state again, we couldn’t be anymore satisfied and happy with J.L Anderson Heating Cooling. We made the best choice going with them and like another reviewer on here said, they got a customer for life! My advice to anyone reading this is to do your research to see which company is best for you. I would without hesitation recommend Anderson Heating & Cooling to friends, family, neighbors, and everyone reading this review. You will not be disappointed.
-Maria Erazo