We woke up one Sunday morning in the middle of a huge snowstorm to find our furnace had quit working. The original company we had asked to come out and repair it said it was a safety hazard and they would advise a replacement, however they said it could take them at least two days to get the equipment we needed. We then called Anderson’s and regardless of the weather, Joe came out and first double checked to make sure our furnace really couldn’t be fixed. Then he advised us of our options and after we made a decision, he went back to the shop then returned to our house again to deliver a few space heaters that he offered to let us borrow that night since the high temperature would be below zero and we were worried our pipes would freeze. He agreed to have the new furnace installed the next day. The workmen who installed our new unit took time to keep the area clean and looking nice. We had heat again within 24 hours! Joe showed us how to work the new thermostat to get us by until our final meeting time which was to be after complete installation, as we had also decided on replacing the air conditioner. Due to the weather, the ac could not be installed until a couple months later-and Anderson’s still had not yet charged us for their services. Again, the workers kept everything looking nice and neat upon installation of the new and removal of the old unit. After all the equipment was installed, Joe came out again to show us how to maintain our new system and answer any questions. He also showed us step by step all of the functions of our programmable thermostat. Only after all of this did he charge us for the units and while we were signing the paperwork, he was already giving us everything we needed to apply for rebates from our gas service provider and to submit to our financial advisor next year come tax time. He even offered us a free air conditioner cover! The quality of work and customer service provided by this company was outstanding. If anyone was running behind schedule, they always made a point to call us right away and let us know where they were and how late they may be. I am confident that if we need anything later on down the road, Anderson’s will be available to help us at any time, which will have us referring to them for years to come!
-Melinda Cotton