When it became apparent that the old system had cooled its last day we called several firms to look about problem and recommend current options available to the market along with price points. It did not take long to confirm that JL Anderson was the team we wanted to do the work. They have done maintenance for us on the old system and their attention to detail and their communication of information to the owner is top notch. Additionally they have done work on my mother in laws home system, our sister-in-laws home as well as replacing and old system for our next door neighbor.
After making sure what the failure was they sat down with us and gave us several option for replacement along with what the value of each option for the future at our home.
Upon making our choice they offered us several payment options to fit our needs. With this happening just before I was scheduled to retire they worked with us so that the project would happen the first week of my retirement  so that I could be at home to assist and answer any of their questions.
The three day project went like a well planned campaign completed by two excellent young men who communicated with the "old guy". It was a pleasure to watch things removed and then to see the new equipment come together. They were very meticulous in cleaning up behind themselves during the day and at the end of the day.
During this time they coordinated the duct cleaning so that it was done at the opportune time in the replacement sequence.
Upon completion of the project a representative came back to walk thru use of the systems along with the new programmable thermostat, humidifier, and general maintenance of the system.
After initial running we had a condensation problem near the AC coil and they were here promptly to figure our the source and repair the situation.
I just recently switched the system to the heating mode with a few touches on the thermostat.
-Donna Pusey