The entire process was professionally handled starting with meeting the salesman and ending with a walkthrough to review the installation and get instructions on operation and maintenance. I scheduled the installation within a week of meeting the salesman and deciding on the equipment and options. The installers were scheduled for two complete days but were able to do the job in less time. They had to work in both the crawlspace and attic in addition to the utility closet. The furnace had to be revented and the existing co-vented gas water heater was fixed in the process as well. Additionally they moved the location of the air conditioner compressor to the other side of the house where it was out of the way. Everything was cleaned up at the end although there wasn’t a lot to clean up. The equipment controls were thoroughly explained. All warranty and rebate forms were filled out by Anderson and ready to sign and send in to the utility companies. Overall it was a very good experience and I would recommend Anderson Heating and Cooling to others.
-Keith Paris