We have 2 systems at our house and J. L. Anderson had replaced our other system in 2007. At that time they did a thorough analysis of our heating system and came up with ideas for making the heating more uniform throughout the house. This is a problem because the house is over 100 years old and there is no return on the second floor. This second system is in our addition. We have been using J. L. Anderson to service both of our systems each year. The technicians had been suggesting the system in the addition was not working well. It had a very difficult time during the heat wave this summer, so we decided to replace it. Having worked with this company already made it very easy to get a new system. We were given some choices and decided on what we felt was best for our situation.  The technicians are always friendly and neat and the President comes to check the work afterwards.
-Carolyn Jagacinski