I had a very, very old furnace and A.C unit; it was from the 1970’s. I have had a local company come out and ‘tune up’ both units numerous times with a price of approximately $300.00 each time for the past 4 years. It just so happened this past June, our furnace officially broke. As a result, I called our ‘usual company’ that had been servicing the units for years. That company didn’t show me in person what was wrong with the furnace; they just showed me a picture. I decided it would be best to replace the unit at this point, however their financing options were horrible. The temperature outside was around 98 and very humid, like all Indiana summers are, so I called JL Anderson and spoke with Kurt. He was at our house within the hour to inspect the furnace. Kurt confirmed the unit needed to be replaced. He explained the financing options; they were reasonable, affordable, and easy. Everyone at JL Anderson Heating & Cooling was wonderful! Since I didn’t have any A.C, Kurt and the ladies in the office attempted to ensure my family was comfortable by offering fans and window units until the new unit could be installed. Although we had to wait 2 weeks for the new unit to come in, JL Anderson Heating & Cooling worked quickly and kept us informed of any changes. When the furnace arrived, Kurt and the other workers were very polite, clean, and professional. They even replaced some of the attic vents that were ripped! That night I noticed that the air wasn’t getting colder in my house. Though it didn’t have anything to do with the furnace, I called JL Anderson first thing the next morning. They quickly sent Jacob out that afternoon. Jacob noticed right away that something was not right. He checked the line, the pressure, assessed it, and continued to be baffled by what it could be. Jacob didn’t rush though; he didn’t want to leave until the problem was taken care of. It was late, I am sure he was suppose to be off work, but he remained professional and polite the whole time. Eventually, he took the A.C. unit cover off and immediately realized what the problem was. The original company (who had replaced the motor and fan, as well as come out multiple times to service the unit) put the motor and fan in backwards 4 years ago! Therefore, for the past 4 years I have been spending a lot of money trying to keep my house cool, though unsuccessfully, due to a huge installation error made by that company! Needless to say, I was more than a little angry to discover I had been repeatedly paying to fix their mistake! However, I was also extremely happy that I finally had a working A.C. unit in my house after all these years! I was ready to write a check for whatever they asked, but Jacob looked at me and said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ What company does that? JL Anderson Heating & Cooling actually values their customers so much they waived some fees for me since I had just hired them for a furnace replacement, but was still having issues with my other unit! I will never, EVER go anywhere else again. JL Anderson Heating & Cooling is the best!
-Mathew S.